CVR Investment Strategy

Designed as a hedged equity alternative, the CVR Dynamic Allocation Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation while preserving capital in declining markets. The Fund incorporates two primary strategies:


Exposure to a concentrated portfolio of approximately 20-30 stocks selected for their profitability and valuation attributes. Seeks to deliver outsized long-term equity returns through a disciplined, unemotional process.


Tactical equity exposure geared towards growth drivers of the US economy. To manage risk and support the objective of preserving capital in declining markets, the Adviser utilizes a quantitative model to determine a preference for holding cash versus having exposure to a given sector or industry group.

In addition, in an effort to hedge against equity volatility and preserve capital, the Adviser may invest a portion of the Fund’s assets in cash or cash equivalents including, but not limited to, short-term investment funds and/or U.S. Government securities.